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Wuxi City of Industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd
Contact: Qian Chengyu
Mobile: 139-6181-2561
Tel: 086-510-85223270
Fax: 086-510-85223273
Website: http://www.201976.buzz
E-mail: yeda@yeda.com.cn
Address: No.29, B District, Famous Development Zone, Wuxi City

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Wuxi City of Industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd., established in 2004 in Wuxi National Hi-tech Development Zone Science and Technology Park, is the earliest professional development, design, manufacture curtains automation equipment of high-tech production enterprises. A number of technical inventions have been patented by the state.
    Since the development of the first 100-curtain machine in 2004, the company's products with advanced, reliable, user-friendly features, whether it is product quality, market share, or advanced automation, in the industry enjoyed a high reputation, Has been marketing the country's 16 provinces and municipalities, and exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Uzbekistan, North Korea and other countries.
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