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Wuxi City of Industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd
Contact: Qian Chengyu
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   The company has CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, AUTOCAD line cutting, digital oscilloscope, logic analyzer and other advanced technology and equipment, fully rely on equipment to ensure product quality improvement and stability, and to achieve product design digital, digital parts processing, digital operation of the product Digital target.
     With the promotion of building energy-saving doors and windows, the Company has developed a series of products with high degree of automation and high efficiency because of the production characteristics of hollow glass built-in louvers. In the energy-saving door and window industry, Ltd. is the most influential enterprises in the industry, are using the company's series of aluminum blinds curtains manufacturing, the company is located in the city of Hangzhou, equipment.
    In the future, the company colleagues will continue to work as ever, continue to introduce new products, leading the domestic level of the curtains to further improve the level of automation equipment.
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